Friday, May 14, 2010

We have winners

Well it's Friday and I have the winning name for my shop but it was difficult.

Sondra's Home Essentials had the most votes (5) but it would not fit on Etsy without taking away some letters (which wouldn't have looked or sounded right :( ). SO the next name with 4 votes was Sondra's Scents & Scrubs (which also would not fit) and yup I did them with no spaces in between the words. So the next ones with 3 votes a piece were Essentials by Sondra and GetFreshwithSondra. I couldn't make the decision myself between the two (I love them both) so I assigned them a number (1 & 2), went to and Essentials by Sondra won. So my new shop is Thanks to everyone who suggested names and voted! I really appreciate your support.

The winner of the giveaway (again done by is Deb/LilacAve. You can convo me either at my old shop or my new one and let me know if you'd like the laundry detergent sample, 2 oz room spray or 4 oz bath salts

I will be setting up a new blog, new facebook fan page, twitter account and all of that and will post the links for anyone who'd like to show me some love and add me with the new name

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